Gatsboys uses variable pricing. The standard package starts from £34.99 per month, which includes a 5 page website, domain name, email account, hosting and ongoing updates. Other features can be added which will increase the monthly subscription.
Not at all. Our standard website package comes with up to five professionally designed pages. If you need more than five pages, these can be added along with any other add-ons, which can be seen on our pricing page. Keep in mind that we do offer unlimited revisions and updates if you have a monthly or annual plan with Gatsboy. During your subscription you can downgrade add-ons as well as upgrade, giving you flexibiltity over trying new things, running promotions and developing landing pages.
Yes of course! Videos are proven to increase dwell time, improvement enagement and convert customers. If you have a video you'd like to include within the website, please send it to our team during the website development. You can always add video later, just make an update request via your dashboard.
Yes you can. Simply let us know what your current domain is and when your new website is ready to go live, our team will make the required updates to use your exsiting domain name.
Gatsboy websites are built with a secret sauce. What we can say is they are known as progressive web apps and run on ReactJS. There are many benefits to this, one being our websites are very, very fast and well optimised for SEO. Should your competitors use WordPress, a more traditional CMS platform or an online builder such as Wix, their websites will not come close to the performance of a Gatsboy site. The mission of Gastboy has always been to offer the very best of modern web development to small businesses.
Yes! This is included in the cost per month and is not optional. In order for us to maintain our system and workflow to manage website updates, all sites must be hosted within our network. If you would like more information on where we store your website data, please contact us on: hello@gatsboy.com. We will be happy to share more information.
Of course! Our PRO subscription allows for the development of an eCommerce Gatsboy website with our partner payment provider Stripe. You are welcome to use a different payment provider, however this will incur an additioanl API cost to develop this. Gatsboy eCommerce is not always the correct choice depending on what type of eCommerce site you require. For those looking for a more traditional store with 30+ products, WooCommerce or Shopify might be a better choice, in which case, please contact our parent company Nuttifox for a free quote.
We try to build most websites within 72 hours. However, we are not going to push you or us to get it right. Sometimes it takes longer to clear the design process, which will delay the launch. Although this is rare, it does happen, so please allow time if you are considering a website.
We understand that for various reasons you may need to leave Gatsboy after 12 months. All of our contracts are for a year, so you have the option of discontinuing your website after one year. 14 days before the end of your annual contract, we send out an email to notify you of your contract completion. If you wish to stay with Gatsboy, then you do not need to do anything, your account will automatically switch into a monthly rolling contract and you have the choice to cancel at anytime in the future. If you do wish to cancel, you must inform us within the 14 days before your contract ends, allowing enough time for you to organise alternative arrangements for your website, should you wish to keep it. You are welcome to request the website files from us before the contract ends. Once the contract has passed and your account was requested to be closed. All website files and domains will be deleted.
Gatsboy contracts run for 12 months per website. Should you wish to cancel early, you can request for the website to be taken down and the domain removed. However, full payment for the year will still be due and non-refundable.

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