What is the kick-off call?

The kick-off call is for our team to get to know you, your business and help us build a brief. We ask simple questions that help us when we come to build you're website, such as; do you have a logo/brand? social media pages? prefered colours? existing domain?

Do I pay a deposit?

No. Simply sign up for a monthly or annual plan and the website design, build, hosting & domain name are all included.

I already have a domain, is that okay?

That's fine. Our team will work with you to update your DNS to make your new website live. Sometimes this can delay the launch of the website.

Is the website search engine & mobile friendly

All of our websites are fast, responsive (mobile firendly) and optimised for search engines. A search optimised website is no gurantee your website will appear on page one for your keywords, so further SEO may be required if this is important to you. Speak to our marketing team on 0800 011 9820.

How quickly will my website be ready?

We aim to launch every website within 72 hours. However, there are certain factors that can delay this, such as registering domain names, updating existing DNS records and design or content revisions. Our team will keep you informed.

How many changes can I request?

Unlimited. We design each site professionally, but we understand that content needs to be updated, new pages added, photos changed etc. Simply request your tweaks in your account and we'll get them done.

How long do I have to pay?

The minimum contract term is 12 months, after this the website belongs to you. You can continue to use our service for as long as you want and we will continue to support your business, doing all the technical website stuff. If you wish to cancel your plan, we will package your website files so you can download them from your account. Your hosting will then be stopped and your domain name set to cancel. Please plan ahead to arrange replacement hosting and domain transfers in time.

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