We’ll make you a beautiful, functional & professional website

Then manage it & help you achieve more

Agency-level support at a do-it-yourself price.

Our process

6 simple steps to get your website ready

Order your website or book a call with us to discuss options.
We'll ask 10 simple questions about your business.
Our coders, designers & copywriters build your website.
Approve your website & learn how request updates.
Pre-launch checks by us and set up of Google tools.
Website launch and 1-1 free growth marketing consultation.

Unlimited website edits at your request

How we can help

Done-for-you, professional business website

Our hassle-free, done-for-you service makes it easy to get a professional, mobile-friendly website in no time.
  1. Write all of the content
  1. Create your website design
  1. Build your products and services
  1. Create a blog, portfolio & team section
  1. Launch & manage your website

Digital strategy & planning session call on Zoom

Every customer gets a free digital consultancy session to discuss marketing plans & actions that will grow your business.
  1. Teach you how to grow online
  1. A competitor review
  1. Identify the best channels
  1. List of action points
  1. Gatsboy community access

Attract & convert new customers

Make your website an effective platform for telling your brand's story, showcasing testimonials, and distinguishing your brand.
  1. Rank on Google with SEO
  1. Build a strong online reputation
  1. Build an unlimited lead database
  1. Convert visitors into customers
  1. Run effective growth campaigns

Take bookings

Your website can take online bookings with or without payments.
  1. Accept bookings 24/7
  1. Receive notifications by SMS and email
  1. Manage bookings from your Hub
  1. Sync bookings with your calendar
  1. Connect to a third-party booking system

Sell your products online

Sell online with a done-for-you, built-in online store.
  1. Fast, and secure order processing
  1. Unlimited shopping cart
  1. Major payment providers available
  1. 0% commissions on sales
  1. Shopify integrations available

Enhanced functionality

You can add almost anything - here are a few popular examples:
  1. Instagram and Tiktok feeds
  1. Mailchimp lead capture
  1. Facebook Messenger or other live chat
  1. Streaming audio
  1. Google Analytics or Facebook pixel

Simple, peace of mind going online.

We also include these

Free SSL certificate

To ensure the security of your website and the confidence of your customers, we provide an SSL certificate for every site we create. This not only helps protect sensitive data, but it also enhances your site's credibility with search engines.

Fast hosting and maintenance

The reliable and robust service of Netlify means we are able to offer unlimited free hosting for your website. This ensures that your site will always be available, secure, and perform at optimal speeds for your visitors.

Custom domains and email accounts

You have the option to connect an existing domain at no extra cost, or select a personalised domain and email address from our collection. Either way, the process is seamless and easy.

The History

Gatsboy's Founder, Chris Nutbeen

"The digital backbone for small businesses."
How Founder's frustration led to small business digital revolution.
Entrepreneur Chris Nutbeen made it his mission to offer small business owners a better choice when it came to growing online, after seeing how closed source website builder tools left customers stuck. He now runs Gatsboy, a “digital pay monthly consultancy for the world”.
The web is changing, becoming complex and strategy is required to build real growth. Small businesses have enough to do without spending hours trying to build a website using online builder tools, without any real strategy or direction. We created Gatsboy after being in the industry 20 years working with SME’s to increase visibilty and revenue, whilst finding ways to offer enterprise solutions for smaller budgets.
"I'm very proud of the work we do at Gatsboy. Having helped many business owners see clarity and results from their presence online."

Always improving

Present & future proof

Gatsboy is moving quickly. Creating an industry-leading platform which helps us deliver more value to your business.
Hub 1.1
A new upgrade to the Gatsboy Hub to improve website management updates for our customers.
January 2023
Gatsboy v3.0
Gatsboy v3.0 is here, bringing a completely new website and our Customer Hub.
July 2022

Technologies we use

Gatsboy is built upon 'best in class' technologies that shape the modern web


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