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All-in-one SME digital support

Gatsboy become your expert digital team. We will design, build & launch your website, then continue to manage your website and can run your promotions.

A unified collection of digital services to push your business forward

Our mission

To relieve the burden of digital expertise and help your business grow by making the best online choices.

Our process

Order your website or book a call

Order your website or you can book a call to find out more about how Gatsboy helps you to grow your business online. Every Gatsboy customer gets a free strategy call once an order has been placed. This helps us to better understand what you hope to achieve with the new website.

Build & Launch

Our team will craft a professional website for your business, using our experience and research into your industry and competitors. We will send you a link to review your website before we make any final tweaks, then once approved, our team will launch your website following industry best practice.

Management & Marketing

We will manage your website, which means all hosting, code updates, maintenance & content updates will be handled by Gatsboy, your digital marketing department. Even better, as marketers, we'll happily advise you on how to generate more traffic, more exposure and more revenue for your business. You can even use our marketing services to promote your business.

Why Gatsboy?

A message from our co-founder

The web is changing, becoming complex and strategy is required to build real growth. Small businesses have enough to do without spending hours trying to build a website using online builder tools, without any real strategy or direction. We created Gatsboy after being in the industry 20 years working with SME’s to increase visibilty and revenue, whilst finding ways to offer enterprise solutions to smaller budgets. Gatsboy uses the latest in web technology to allow our team to create modern, fast websites with excellent user experiences. This, combined with our 5 star marketing services mean our customers get the digital backbone they need to push forward.

Always improving

Present & future proof

Gatsboy is moving quickly. Creating an industry-leading platform which helps us deliver more value to your business.
Gatsboy v3.0
Gatsboy v3.0 is here, bringing a completely new website and our Customer Dashboard.
July 2022
The new Gatsboy Dashboard is underway after extensive planning. Estimated to launch June 2022.
November 2021

Technologies we use

Gatsboy is built upon 'best in class' technologies that shape the modern web


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