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Gatsboy will design, build & launch your managed website, then continue to make regular maintenance updates & content updates on request.

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What is a managed website?

You have a lot going on right? Running a business means you have to wear many hats, one of those hats is building, updating and managing a website, then promoting that to your audience. It's a lot of work and requires certain expertise. Gatsboy offer a fully managed pay monthly website and digital ecosystem for your business. We build you a digital presence and help you grow your visibility within the online community.

Is a managed website better for my business?

If you are confident to build, manage and promote your website effectively, then you might find you are happy to go solo or maybe you already have an agency in place... We have noticed many business owners being sold an overly complex CMS website that they rarely use, login to or monitor for errors. The best businesses use experts for certain tasks! Gatsboy become your experts in handling digital assets and technical requirements for your business. We can advise you on marketing strategies through 1-2-1 sessions or use our marketing services, all available from your Gatsboy account.

Frequently asked questions

How a Managed Website can help you & your business

Managed websites are becoming a popular choice for many businesses!
Why? Well it's actually not all down to the website. The added value comes from having the experience of an agency helping your business perform, but for a manageable cost. Gatsboy customers love the look of their websites, however, the best feedback we get receive is how we guide you through making the right decisions to maximise your business efforts.
Gatsboy is an ecosystem for the digital performance of your business online.
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Website management for small business

Gatsboy is at the forefront of providing a fully managed digital ecosystem for your small business.
Managed Websites
Let our team handle all website maintenance, content updates, server requirements, security & performance.
Done For You Marketing
We plan, create & launch effective marketing campaigns to put your business in-front of the right people.

Technologies we use

Gatsboy is built upon 'best in class' technologies that shape the modern web


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