Affiliate Resellers

The affiliate program that continues to build value for you and the customer

20% commission

Gatsboy is on a mission to simplify websites and digital marketing for small business owners.

To help us on this mission, we are looking for affiliate marketers to share the love of Gatsboy to your audience.
Our platform offers a digital ecosystem for SME's to build value around their online digital assets and for this reason, many of our customers stick with us for a long time.
As a Gatsboy affiliate, you will receive regular monthly commisions of 20%, based on the customers subscription.
The current average subscription is:

£74 / pm

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Community Love

I love this community. It plays an active part in decisions I make to promote my services.
Alex Crabbe
Image & Co
Gatsboy is a great resource for ideas & tips, even the free resources are very good!
Nigel Kearse
The only marketing subscription I need for doing stuff that actually works for me.
Shane Compton